Reproductive Health as a Basic Human Right of Filipino Women: Where Are We Now?

The passage of the RH Law and its passing constitutional scrutiny is just the start of the recognition and upholding of sexual and reproductive health rights in the Philippines.


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9/29/2025 12:00:00 AM


Republic Act No. 10354 (the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012; “RH Law”), the Philippines’ first comprehensive legislation on sexual and reproductive health rights, is a major step forward in the recognition of sexual and reproductive health rights as human rights.

However, its legislative history, the constitutional challenges it faced, and the continuing difficulties in its implementation reveal that sexual and reproductive health remains to be highly politicized in our country – to the detriment of Filipino women.

This course will answer the question: Where are we now in “reproductive health as a basic human right of Filipino women”.

Specifically, the course outlines the history and development of sexual and reproductive health rights legislation in the Philippines, the RH Law as it stands today and the rights it accords women, and the challenges faced by those seeking to implement and uphold sexual and reproductive health rights recognized under the current legal regime.

You will receive insights on reproductive health rights advocacy in the Philippines, both from the legal and political perspective, from an intervenor in the landmark Supreme Court case concerning the RH Law, Imbong v. Ochoa.

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