It all started with a vision of ACCESS’ founder, Atty. Peaches Martinez – Aranas to provide more accessible alternatives to the traditional delivery of continuing education for lawyers, accountants and other professionals.


Our history begins in mid 2007, with the attendance of ACCESS’ founder Atty. Peaches in an MCLE seminar. Alex Canata, co-founder of ACCESS was then supported staff of an MCLE provider. Over the years, starting as tech support Alex worked the planning, marketing, registration, delivery, post reporting and record-keeping of MCLE seminars for thousands of lawyers across 5 compliance periods. In August 2017, Atty. Peaches and Alex established ACCESS and partnered with Adamson University’s College of Law and was granted its accreditation as an MCLE Provider.

In 2018, ACCESS together with Adamson Law provided a record-breaking 13 series and 14 series in 2019. In March 2019, ACCESS proposed the idea of online MCLE to the MCLE office and Governing Board. In October 2019, the team made a presentation to Justice Marvic F. Leonen, Chairman of the Supreme Court Subcommittee on Maintenance of Membership in the Philippine Bar. In the following month, Atty. Peaches presented the future of MCLE online in the Philippines to the Supreme Court en banc. In November 2019, the Supreme Court issued a A.M Resolution 19-10-16-SC approving the guidelines in the conduct of MCLE online. In March 2020, under MCLE Governing Board Resolution No. 03-2020, ACCESS Inc. was given a provisional accreditation and on December 3, 2020, ACCESS was accredited as the first provider of MCLE online and on demand for members of the Philippine bar across the Philippines and abroad.