Bata, Bata, Kasali Ka Ba?: When a Dispute Negotiation Between Parents Affects the Child

How the alternative dispute resolution space can better “include” the child in a conflict conversation between disputing parents.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

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2/26/2027 12:00:00 AM


Through this course, lawyer-participants are invited to appreciate the distinct features of mediation and how these features can potentially benefit clients and their children better than by submitting disputes in the adversarial space. Enhancing lawyers’ awareness of the advantageous features of mediation can hopefully translate to an enhanced ability to counsel clients — that is: (1) to better inform clients of their dispute resolution process options; (2) to help clients choose a process that can better meet their and their children’s needs and interests; and (3) to assist them in making the most out of the problem-solving environment that the process offers.

The course highlights the instrumental role that lawyers can play in making a dispute conversation in mediation more child-focused and inclusive.

The creation of the course comes with the hope that lawyers will appreciate mediation as an “alternative” that can be appropriate and advantageous for parties dealing with disputes affecting children.

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Mediator/Dispute Resolution Professor/Lawyer

Atty. Araceli Habaradas is a distinguished professor at the Ateneo Law School and recently, she expanded her teaching prowess to the De La Salle University College of Law, focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Beyond the academic realm, she is pioneering a new frontier with the establishment of ACCORDPH, a dispute resolution outfit, in collaboration with two of the nation's top ADR practitioners. Her influence is widespread, having crafted and introduced conflict management and mediation training programs across various government and private organizations.

Internationally recognized, she is an accredited mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre, the Philippine Mediation Center, and the Office for the Alternative Dispute Resolution. She holds a Master of Dispute Resolution from the prestigious University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.