The Virgin's Litigator's Hack: First Considerations Post-Signing of the Roll

Ease the transition from student life to lawyer life


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11/17/2025 12:00:00 AM


Ahh, you’ve made it through the wilderness called the bar exams. Somehow, you have managed to weather the agony of waiting for the results. Fortunately, destiny was kind to you. You have been the lucky 20%-30% who have successfully slain the dragon. You are in cloud nine for one whole month, as night after night the celebrations filled with inebriation and jubilation clutter your social calendar. Meanwhile, you start groveling all over the place.

Then, after a few weeks, you troop to the Supreme Court for the signing of the roll of attorneys. Now what? This is when the smoke clears, and reality unfolds right before your eyes.

To ease the transition from student life to lawyer life, we present the virgin litigator hacks. This isn’t a definitive list of hacks. This is just enough to get you through the birthing pains of starting your litigation career. These aren’t the ones that are taught in law school. You learn them as you go along.

Likewise, the set of hacks discussed in this course were designed with those in the first few months of practice in mind.

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Founder, Florete Law Office

Atty. Mary Christine S.C. Florete is the founder of the Florete Law Office in Iloilo City. She is a trained arbitrator in the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (PDRCI) and the Philippine Institute of Arbitrators (PIArb- pronounced as pie-arb). She is presently the co-chair for the Young PIArb (pronounced as pie-arb), a group of commercial arbitration practitioners, aged 40 and below, whose activities focus on the promotion of ADR in the Philippines. She is also an officer in the Philippine Institute of Arbitrators, Western Visayas Chapter.