Writing Impactful Instruments for Administrative Agencies

Learn how to draft legally compliant and impactful documents and instruments to be proud of, and hopefully, avoid reversals, litigation or suit.


Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy

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10/4/2026 12:00:00 AM


Administrative Agencies (AAs) in the exercise of its broad and delegated powers render decisions, issue rules and regulations, make opinions, undertake fact-finding investigations, grant or recall franchises and licenses, release show cause and cease and desist orders, and cite persons in contempt. Depending on their charters or enabling instruments, AAs can exercise all or some of these powers. For each power exercised, there is a corresponding instrument issued.

This course is a counterpart subject to Administrative Law in terms of writing and preparing not just legally compliant documents but impactful instruments as well.

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Professor of Laws / Bar Reviewer

Alberto C. Agra is a lawyer, an incumbent and former government official, a professor of laws and bar reviewer, a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) advocate and lecturer, a PhD candidate, a sports servant-leader, and an active obstacle course racer, a competitive javelin thrower and jump rope enthusiast.

He is a political law bar reviewer and professor of laws at the Ateneo Law School. He has been teaching thereat since 1993. He teaches administrative law, law on local governments, election law, law on public officers and PPP law. He recently published a 1,408-page book on the 1991 Local Government Code entitled Amicus Imperiorum Locorum.