How Final and Binding Is an Arbitral Award

We don’t have to be locked in litigation for 3 years for an issue that we can resolve in arbitration in 12 months… or less.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

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2/15/2027 12:00:00 AM


This course intends to show there is a legal process for resolving disputes other than litigation. Commercial arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process that can lead to a final and enforceable award. Likewise, commercial arbitration, although private in character, can lead to a final award with the force and effect of a court judgment.

Aside from achieving a final and enforceable award, commercial arbitration offers a dispute resolution process which is much faster than court proceedings. It is not an exaggeration to say that a dispute which may last two or three years in a trial court may be resolved in less than a year through commercial arbitration.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

•        Determine other forum that can authoritatively resolve disputes with binding effect

•        Distinguish commercial arbitration from domestic, international, and foreign arbitration

•        Recognize the character of finality of an award rendered in any type of arbitration

•        Identify the remedies after an arbitral award has been rendered in an international arbitration

•        Identify the remedies after an arbitral award has been rendered in foreign arbitration

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Founding Partner, Arthur Autea & Associates / ADR Lawyer

Atty. Arthur P. Autea is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, where he took up his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Cum Laude), as well as his Bachelor of Laws Degree. He was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1987. 

As a legal practitioner, he has fully devoted his time to dispute resolution and related practice areas. In 1996, he co-founded the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. where he has served as Secretary General and as Vice President and Chairman of the Committee for Drafting and Revision of Rules.