Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit to complete the course?

To ensure the comprehensive acquisition of knowledge, reasonable retention and continuity thereof, the following time-frame should be observed in viewing and completing the course/module for the purposes of earning credit units:

1 c.u. Course – 24 hrs
2 c.u. Course – 48 hrs

This is pursuant to Rule 4 Section 4 of the Implementing Guidelines of the Rules and Regulations in the Conduct of MCLE Online.

What if I have exceeded the alloted time frame for the completion of a course?

The online course shall be reset from the beginning upon the expiration of the time frame. You will be notified via e-mail before the reset.

When will ACCESS Online MCLE courses be available?

Right here right now! MCLE credit courses are now available. Browse through our courses to see what’s available now and what’s coming soon.

ENROLL NOW to avail of our best bundle offers and lowest prices before it’s too late! Our early bird promotion is on a limited time offer.

How much are the online courses?

Our MCLE course bundles and prices per course are now available on our Bundles page.

During this launch period, we are offering offer super discounts on our bundle offers. You can also buy individual courses to complete missing credits.

Pay online using Visa, Mastercard, DragonPay, or PayPal. At this time, direct deposit bank transfers are only accepted for course bundles; please contact us to facilitate your payment.

What is the schedule of courses and deadline for registration?

There is no schedule or deadline to register. You can enroll at any time within the compliance period.

ACCESS online courses are NOT webinars. They are highly interactive, gamified multimedia learning modules that can be accessed 24/7 at your own time, pace, and safe space.

I require 36 full compliance credits but only see 18 available.

Indeed, there are 22 on demand courses equivalent to 24 credit units available now, with the rest in production. You can view our upcoming course titles on our Courses page.

When you purchase a full compliance bundle you are guaranteed that new courses will be automatically added to your dashboard as they become available.

Do I need to register for every course?

No. You only need to register your personal and professional details once, when you enroll. After payment, you can then proceed to take your courses anytime within the compliance period.

Note, however, that every credit course requires personal authentication to make sure you are the one taking the entire course.

What equipment do I need to take the online courses?

ACCESS’ interactive, multimedia courses can be accessed through our platform 24/7. All you need is your desktop, laptop, or tablet and a reliable wifi or mobile data connection.

Please use the browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How will I know my course was credited?

After completing a course, a certificate of attendance will be generated and transmitted to the MCLE Office along with your identity credentials.

Upon their validation, you will be notified that the MCLE course was credited to you.

When and how will I receive my certificate of compliance?

Your certificate of compliance will be processed and secured upon the completion of your 24 or 36-unit course bundle you availed with ACCESS.

You can receive it either by delivery/courier to your preferred mailing address (Philippines address only) within 4 weeks after the completion of above-stated bundles depending on the MCLE office’s schedules.

However, as the MCLE Office will be in the process of automating, this lead time is expected to shrink.